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Sunday, 31 January 2016

LbnRaj on a sunday

Family members r sick of alarm and notification rings of my mobile... In d absence of dese beautiful rings  ... thought it could b 8.30 am or so...I got up comfortably at 11.30 am .... As usual every1 was busy on their Sunday businesses. Fun... Astro was not well  ... all night my daughter and better half were busy nourishing ... caring. When we were getting ready astro(my dog), understood v were heading somewhere to. He is so curious about everything on d road... was always putting his head out from three wheeler ... to see around... U know his circle is so small ... four of us plus some of his known friends...but so much attached to us. So efficient in communicating ,2 us... widout uttering a word.... He was feeling little when doctor was touching his anus...inserting her finger into it to test... Any way. . back home ... took medicines... N now sleeping comfortably forgetting every thing.... WE NEED TO SPEND LOT OF TIME WITH HIM...CARE HIM A LOT.. AT TIMES BECOMES SO DIFFICULT TO TAKE CARE OF ITS NEEDS...BUT V REALLY DONT KNOW IF V WOULD EVER IMAGINE OF A DAY VIDOUT SEEING HIM.