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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

You continue to be the best come what may

20th Nov 2018

You continue to be the best, come what may .....
There may be moments in life when you are at your best consistently and failures embrace. Dont curse God or the almighty, it could be a beginning of a grander design for you and your life. Accept what comes gracefully and just continue to be the best. You are what you are today based on the success and failures of yesterdays.

lbnraj ;

Thursday, 1 November 2018

I live in two different worlds .....

"I live in two different worlds".
"One world where in I think I am always right and people around are either wrong and not good to me. I continue to get hurt by people around by their unreasonable expectations and by their continuing ridicules on me. Then as usual I think, it is ok, let me continue to be right and good come what may."
"There is another world I continue to live in. That is ...... I question my self after listening to great souls, is it true that I am always right. I realise with utmost confidence that Yes .... I am not always right. I start believing that People around me were not as bad and wrong as I thought them to be ..... that I did not do any thing substantial to heal and correct people around for whatever they did and said to me. Instead I found myself to be silently and indirectly inducing them to be more on the wrong and undesirable side , unintentionally though. Many a times I realise that I and my actions, words too cause people to say and act the way they do , act and behave."
"I feel myself great and right when I am in the company of great people , great souls ...... but again after some time ...... I keep saying to myself .... i am always right ..... come what may I will continue to be right and best."
"How do I emerge myself as better than the best ... is the quest I keep pursuing ..... here I feel better and more reasonable".
Does this happen to all of you?

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

A Bookworm spots The Bookworm

“A Bookworm” spots “The Bookworm” – A Book Review  At Random

The Bookworm / Lavanya R N and Shilo Shiv Suleman.-Chennai : Karaditales, 2010, pp33. 
Rs 199.00

I have the habit of browsing through the books, be it in my house or  or a library or a bookfair.  Today I was doing the same in my school book fair.  At times when you don’t expect any thing great to happen and keep going, you get when you have been longing for, for days and years.  It was in one of these moments that this bookworm spots a book , “The Bookworm” authored by Lavanya N R and illustrated by Shilo Shiv Suleman.  A huge crowd around, I got to a corner and stared reading the book.  How can a bookworm miss to read a book titled The Bookworm?
Image result for the bookworm by lavanya nr

It took about 20 minutes to read, stoped a few moments to check the meanings of words like, bully, streak, tyke, huddle, puddle, splatter, snigger, and perk. It could be an easy read for a kid and an English Teacher and not for me any way. To me it is a marvellous book talking about books, library, reading and bullying, ending with a fantastic positive note . I congratulate both Lavanya (text) and Shilo for creating such a master piece for kids and of course all bookworms like me. And by the way I am a school librarian as you know.

The text contains the words and phrases kids love.  Illustrations are lovely and realistic and take children to their dream world. Kids I am sure would end up learning positive vibes about reading, books and Libraries. I wish every school librarian reads this book and uses the same for their storytelling sessions. I remember to have read few karaditales in kannada long back. Reading this title seems to have refreshed my old memories as a child. Thank you authors, thank you Karadi (Vishwanath and Shobha). Best Wishes.

Rajashekhar S Devarai

Chief Librarian, Shishuvan English Medium School, Mumbai

23rd Oct 2018

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Monday, 22 October 2018

When nothing works ....... !

"Nothing works, when you continue to stumble upon failures ...... It is ok. Go back to best part of yourself and re-assert TO BE AT THE BEST OF YOURSELF. If you are at your best and things wont work, you are on the right path. Come what may, you are right and just dont bother about what comes to you. Come what may .... you be the best. This is very much possible, you can always be at the best of your true self. That is enough a proof that You are on your right path. If this does not work, just dont bother ...... be at your best any way." - LbnRaj

Friday, 3 August 2018

"Let me continue to be d best in identifying the great gifts given to me by the almighty. Whatever is given to me is enough for me to be the best in the world. I am destined to be the best in the world. Every one else could decide to be the best, it is once birthright." - LbnRaj

"Let me continue to be d best in identifying the great gifts given to me by the almighty. Whatever is given to me is enough for me to be the best in the world. I am destined to be the best in the world. Every one else could decide to be the best, it is once birthright." - LbnRaj

Monday, 30 July 2018

When you are at your best and you fail ..... just dont bother .... be at your best and spring up as often as you can. Rest Leave it to the ultimate power.

When you are at your best and you fail ..... just dont bother .... be at your best and spring up as often as you can. Rest Leave it to the ultimate power.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

The almighty will take care of you even when are at your lowest lows .... dont give up.

The almighty will take care of you even when u are at your lowest lows .... dont give up.
Be at your best, be the best you can. At times you may feel hopeless, helpless and direction less. Continue to be at your best, come what may. You dont know what the almighty has in for you next moment and tomorrow. Be at your best always, rest leave it to the almighty. When you are at your best ...... nothing less than best can happen to you.
LbnRaj July 12, 2018

Thursday, 5 July 2018

School Library Association (India) becomes a registered Society

Indian School Library Association (ISLA)

School Library Association (India) becomes a registered Society

School Library Association (SLA India), has become a recognized Professional Library Association on 26th June 2018, registered in Delhi under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 of Govt. of India (Reg. No. 319/2018).
SLA India is now the first national-level professional Association of School Librarians of India.
Hearty congrats to Team SLAIndia.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

When I experience lows in life ......

June 23, 2018

When I experience lows in Life ..... !
"When I experience lows in life .... I get into my beautiful garden of memories, thoughts and fantacies. My garden within is as beautiful and more beautiful than the gardens I have ever visited. Thank you Basava for giving me this inner garden of beauty, ecstacy and celebrations". LbnRaj

Thursday, 21 June 2018

When your dearer one becomes far and wide, here and every where.

12st June 2018

When some one dearer encompasses you in all of your ins and outs.

I often fail to realise the uniqueness of my dearer ones when they are physically around. I fail to celebrate the moments and days with the being …. Intoxicated by the so called external environment. Get vexed with the far and wide. I fail to feel and realise the unlimited love and affection of the dearer one….. may be taking it for granted. May be with an idea that any way I am going to be with that being for ever.
I get into phobia …. When suddenly that being opts out to be at large…. To be with the universe. I realise about my stupidity in neglecting that wonderful being, just because that being is with me whether I want or not.
Now what a loss …… what a gap …. What a vacuum? …. Let me learn to feel the presence, feel the beauty of my dearer ones …. Every moment I lost is lost for ever. I can never get back to those moments which could have been ultimate ecstasies …. Ultimate celebrations. Now I opt to celebrate those wonderful moments …. For ever ….. far and wide. Continue to feel the presence. Continue to accept the beauty of my dearer ones …. As they are and not as they should be. I realise more now as my dearer ones become far and wide, here and every where. Dearer to universal expanse….dearer to the ultimate depths and heights.
LbnRaj ;

Sunday, 17 June 2018


Thursday, 7 June 2018

It is time to redefine SUCCESS.

"Success has varied meanings in varied contexts. Success has varied extents, depths and heights :
Losing but helping others,
Being strong
Helping the week and meek,
Allowing and encouraging others to be strong and bold,
Encouraging others not to lose heart, when we ourselves are losing our hearts,
Doing good things
Allowing and encouraging others to do good things,
Helping others when we can,
Helping others when we cannot,
Helping others when we ourselves are helpless,
Getting things,
Not losing things,
Moving ahead in life,
Not stopping anyone to move ahead in life,
Being Bold,
Not being timid,
Being composed,
Not getting angry,
Being at balance,
Not being imbalanced,
Not fighting,
Fighting but not getting hurt and hurting others,
It is time to redefine the world success." -LbnRaj ;

Tuesday, 15 May 2018



9 May 2018
By Madhu Bhargava, Dean of Libraries, G. D. Goenka World School
By Madhu Bhargava, Dean of Libraries, G. D. Goenka World School
The Indian School Library Association (to be registered) conducted a 3-day International Leadership Skills Training Workshop for Indian School Librarians at the G D Goenka University, Gurgaon, Delhi. The Workshop organised in collaboration with the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), Netherlands and G. D. Goenka University (NCR, Gurgaon, Delhi) was supported by the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL, USA) and the National Library of Singapore.
Prof (Dr) Srihari, Vice Chancellor, G. D. Goenka University opened the programme and delivered the welcoming address to guests. This was followed by Ms Madhu Bhargava, Dean of Libraries, G. D. Goenka World School who presented the programme outline.
Among those who addressed the inaugural session was Ms Ingrid Bon, Manager, Development Programmes, IFLA and the chief guest who presented her thoughts on the importance of libraries.  Dr Ramesh C. Gaur, Librarian, Jawaharlal Nehru University delivered the key-note address followed by Dr Moorttimatee Samantray Rath, Head, LDD, NCERT, Sanjay K. Bihani, Library & Information Officer, Ministry of External Affairs and IFLA Chair for Regional Standing Committee for Asia and Oceania, and Ms Amarjeet Gill, National Library Board, Singapore. Distinguished guests included Ms Tay Ai Cheng, Deputy Chief Executive, National Library Board, Singapore and several heads of schools, Deans of G. D. Goenka University, Dr Suku Bhaskaran, Director, Dr Narendar Sharma, Assistant Registrar of G. D. Goenka World Institute. Honourable guests presented their motivating thoughts on leadership and the importance of school library profession.
A pre-training study “School Libraries in India: A statistical Review” was released at the inaugural session by the chief guest, Ms Ingrid Bon. The workshop were conceived as a Capacity Building Leadership Training Programme for School Librarians of India. School libraries and School Librarianship as a profession in India has not emerged as a major profession despite having 1.5 million schools in India (according to a government report). The slow progress in professional development has led to this collaboration with IFLA to build Capacity for School Librarians of India.
Day 1 started with a self-introduction by the trainers Ms Ingrid Bon and Pramila Gamage and an ice-breaking session of the participants. Participants were divided into five groups for the activities.
  • The Sessions started with team teaching technique to build the interest among the participants. The module on library /professional associations in society and the role of professional associations and how it differs from unions was discussed.  Participants were encouraged to participate in group activities which helped to analyse the role of a Library association in any country.
  • In the afternoon session, components of Library association and how to form effective committees were discussed. Key leadership positions within a LA and its importance was highlighted.  Associated interactive sessions followed later on.
  • These were an eye opening sessions with clarity of objectives for establishing an association and its governing body. Each participant gave feedback on the sessions in one word and ended in collating twenty apt adjectives.
Day 2 of the ‘Building Strong Library Association’ was extremely engaging day and a simulation day. After the review of the previous day, a shadow association was created by the participants under the guidance of trainers and throughout the day the team researched various successful library associations of the world and produced first draft on:
  • Vision and mission statements of the, to be born association.
  • Together they worked in groups on creating objectives and aims based on vision and mission.
  • The groups researched various successful associations of the world and worked in groups to define the vision and mission of a Library Association. They discussed different aspects of planning circles and stages. SWOT Analysis was conducted as an activity in groups to find out the strengths and limitations while forming associations.  Session imparted on how to define job roles and to manage people.
The afternoon session dealt with planning terminologies, strategic plans, and membership criteria on what, why and how. The outcome was a strategic and operational plan and it was evident that together they are an excellent team to lead school librarians of 1.5 million schools of India.
Day 3 is a fruit bearing day indeed!  It was unimaginable that participants have created policies, Standard operating procedures and de facto constitution of the School Library Association.
  • The team successfully defined vision and mission of the association.
  • Managing finance and budget
  • Fund raising plan
  • How to develop strategic relationships and partnerships
  • Election procedures
The participants learnt practical aspects of forming an association and at the same time were emotionally charged to meet one another face to face and know each other. The workshop not only empowered the participants with the new skills to build an association but also helped them identify their dormant skills which were honed well under the guidance of Ms Ingrid Bon and Ms Premila Gamage.
Ms Madhu Bhargava led the post Workshop presentation where Ms Ingrid Bon shared her experience as a trainer with the audience. The latter shared that the participants were such eager learners that she had to advance the training programme to a higher level. She took pleasure in displaying the work executed by the workshop participants.
Ms Madhu Bhargava, Coordinator and Dean of Libraries, G. D. Goenka World School presented the Workshop participants with the certificates and mementoes sent by IFLA, Netherlands.
Dr. Neeta Bali, Director, Principal, G. D. Goenka World School, facilitated the Special Guests of the day, Dr R. K. Ahooja, Prof. Economics, Govt. College Gurgaon, Ms Sarita Ahooja, Headmistress, Delhi Public School, Maruti Kunj, Gurgaon. They complimented on the accomplishment of the participants.

Lbn Rajashekhar Devarai, Chief Librarian Shishuvan English Medium School, Matunga, Mumbai. PROUD  2B A SCHOOL LIBRARIAN. Mob 

Sunday, 13 May 2018

we continue to love those who hate us.

Human nature is unbelievably unique, unpredictable and beyond logic. We develop eccentric levels of passion and attachment with people around us who persistently and consistently continue to trouble and  torture us. Its not often necessary that a person we love and respect should do the same thing to us. Thats  the beauty and mystery of human behaviour n nature. LbnRaj 

Friday, 27 April 2018

When I am right I am right, I need not and should not spend my time and energy to prove that. That would be a futile exercise.... any attempt by any one in this regard is a sign of insecurity.

"When I am right, I am right.... where is the necessity to prove it? Why should I spend my time and energy to prove that? There is more in life to experience than spending my life in proving that I am right." - lbnraj ; 

Monday, 9 April 2018

it is also ok .... if I dont know where I am heading to .....

It is also ok .... if I dont know where I am heading to ......
Most of the times I wonder how I reached where I am today. Most of the times I wonder why I dont know where I am going to. Today I realise ..... where I am today is the result of where I wanted to go and where I am brought to. May be I dint mind to know where I am headed to. May be I liked all the time where I was...... Often I reach some where I I never wanted to go .... and I liked .... and then said to my self ..... yes that is where I wanted to go, thanked God that I reached there..... Every thing is good in life for me as I keep learning the art and science of being happy ...... as I  seem to enjoy what happened to me and what I wanted in life to happen to me. -LbnRaj ;

"If you dont know where you are going how do you expect to get there." _ Source of quote : Executive Diary 2018, Pub : anonymous.

Friday, 6 April 2018


I think I lost my passion for being perfect. I now tend to think that pursuing perfection is not that appealing an option. Pursuing Excellence seems to be more  inclined towards natures abundance. I will continue to work on this new found option. Cheers! lbnraj ; 6th April 2018

Thursday, 5 April 2018

I need to accept my flaws .....

I continue to get embarrassed when some one tells me that I am a late comer, i am careless and that I am rude. I really dont understand as to why I should get annoyed and embarrassed when people tell the truth about me ... I know that people are very often true when they say things about me. Am I continuing to be with a made up self .... a self away from true self. What do I really want from life and people? ... Should they tell lies about me and please me. When do I come out of this duality about me and myself?
It is late but impossible to change myself. I should learn to accept the reality .... accept my real self .... accept the fact that I need to be perfect. That I should continue to have a perfect understand about my imperfections.
lbnraj, ; (this is my first and unedited version writing)

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Be compassionate, Continue to be what you are and what you stand for, come what may.

Be compassionate, Continue to be what you are and what you stand for, come what may.
Often your near and dear ones and others may be bent upon proving what you are not. You have committed whole of your life to stand for and practice certain values and ideals, and that you did fairly well on those counts, but often you may be cornered, humiliated for the same values and ideals. The world may bent upon proving what you are not. Stand firm, be compassionate, be empathetic but continue to be what you are come what you are. Every one in the world have their own history and path..... they may or may not be wrong. Continue pardoning those who continue hurting unawares, with or without intention. You continue be right, this is the only way you can do justice to yourself and others.
LbnRaj ;

Monday, 19 March 2018

Lows are good

"It it is not necessary and not desirable to be on the highs and peaks of life. Just being high and on the peak has no meaning. I need to be down and low and at the bottom .... to experience the joy and depth and vibrance of life."-lbnraj

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Let me continue to believe in the fact that I can invoke miracles in my life.....

"Let me continue to believe in the fact that I have continued to invoke miracles in my life, knowingly and many a time unknowlingly. I continue to be thankful to the godfoce what makes me stumble upon often on the ideas of Basava, and Osho. And here and now Stuart Wild today. I am elated. I am happy. I will continue to be happy. I continue to be the best as I always wanted to be that way. I continue to smile. " - LbnRaj ; ; 

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Running Out of Time .......

I run out of time ….
13th March 2018

“Very often I run out of time for things. I run out of time in meeting, out of time to complete my assignments, out of time to read, out of time to think and meditate, out of time to give quality time for my family. I realise I run out of time consistently. I kept on thinking for years that there is something wrong somewhere …. and I kept ridiculing myself for that. Oflate I started thinking as to why run of time and for what reasons …. I got my answers and continue to get answers …. I run out of time because I continue to get  engaged in some thing other than what is apparent and simple. I realised, I kept doing so many things that were and are more dearer to me than what I was actually supposed to be doing. WHAT IF I KEEP DOING THE SAME THINGS THAT ARE DEARER TO ME …. AND WORK AND ASSIGNMENT BECOMES LIVELY AND LONGED FOR!
If you run out of time….. find out for what. See if you can do or afford to do those things on a regular basis … You will never run out of time…..” LbnRaj

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Life has multiple options for us.

"Life has multiple options. When we select we deselect. When we choose a thing we lose a thing. The life we lead till now is a series of things that were given us and the things that we opted to choose. Life need not be what used to be till now. You have all the freedom to change the course of your life by choosing different things in different ways. We still can be what we allways wanted to be. It is never late. If you have missed certian things in life ..... be cheerful.... you got some thing else that others did not have or did not opt for. No regrets." - LbnRaj 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Life is not about .......

"Life is not just about your continued success, gains or speed or talents .... it is also about failing, pausing, getting into lows, getting back and disappointments. Winner is he who celebrates and learns from his failures and setbacks. Winner is one who continues to have faith in oneself and others, come what may. Winner is one who keeps smiling, cultivating and bulding his/her stemina and resistance to get up and get straight as as often as possible. Come what may! "  - LbnRaj

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Spread love and understanding around.

"Keep spreading  love and understanding around wherever you are. Let others know that you recognise, adore, respect and care. Doing all this in your own mind may make you happy, but does not serve any purpose for others around you. You dont need big reasons for every interaction and good will you wish to spread. A simple hello, an honest smile or gesture suffices. This helps you realise that you are truly yourself and the best." - LbnRaj ; ; Jan 11, 2018

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Every you do need to be the best.

"If you want to be the best, every thing you do need not be best. Keep looking for the best you can do in whatever you do. If you get good results, fine. If you dont, fine. No one can make you unhappy, as  r the best, no need of any certificate from any one." LbnRaj ;

Monday, 8 January 2018

Success and happiness does not relate to the level at which you work!

"Success is success as a wage earner, clerk, teacher, librarian, top businessman or head of a country .... nothing less nothing more. Happiness derived out of success does not depend on the level, position or prosperity." _LbnRaj ; ;
Jan 8, 2018 

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Sunday, 31 December 2017


🌹📔🌹📔🌹📔🌹📔🌹📔🌹📔🌹📔📔🌹Manisha Rajan Kadav , Mumbai - Winner of "Ideal Librarian" award 2018
It is indeed a moment of pride for School Librarians of India, that one of our fellow librarians, Manisha Rajan Kadav , Mumbai is honoured with an award titled ADARSH GRANTHPAL (Ideal Librarian) 2018 instituted by PARAS KAVYA , KALA , JANJAGRUTI SANSTHA" , THANE. In her message to School librarians of India she says, “ I feel proud after receiving this award , hard work is always paid off , so my sincere efforts are valued. I would like to tell young Librarians to keep up their good work with sincerity  and they will be recognised in society and Institutions elsewhere too”.
Join me in Congratulating her once again for this achievement.
Rajashekhar Devarai, Chief Librarian, Shishuvan, Mumbai

Date of birth : 16/05/1977. Qualifications :          MA, M Lib. Designation: Librarian. Organization : D S HIGH SCHOOL, SHIV SHIKSHAN SANSTHA , SION , MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA. Experience : 9 yrs. Library collection : 20000 books. Classification System used : DDC. Total number of staff in library : One (librarian).

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Many a time we find people becoming impatient to prove their stand .....

"Many a time we find people becoming impatient to prove their stand. It is ok, they are disparate in proving themselves right. You dont be desperate as they get desperate. If you too are so then you cant have any complaint on people. If you are above the cut, you need to be the best, to be humble and patient even when the others happen to be wrong and rude and impatient. Every thing would be ok, if you stop proving your point. Think of the good of the person who is impatient and desperate. See if you can be more inclusive and humble to impress the person that you are all out to help and understand the person. I am sure the triumph would be of patience and steadiness later and not sooner." - LbnRaj ;

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Desperate to thank those who helped me ....

In the course of my life few gentle souls helped me, supported me, saved me and encouraged me when I was down and at the verge of a break down. Often I get so much disappointed and unhappy as I am not successful yet to express my gratitude, either thank them or help them in some or the other way! When I stumbled upon one, I became too depressed as the person cannot recognise me. May be the person was too busy to help and support others like me. No time to receive thanks or support or wishes. LbnRaj

Friday, 8 December 2017

“You can be a true leader by facilitating people around you to evolve their POINT OF VIEW.

“You can be a true leader by facilitating people around you to evolve their POINT OF VIEW. If you thrust your POINT Of  VIEW, you cease to be a Leader. Leadership is a Science and Art of unifying the divergent POINT OF VIEW of people around you and leading the team towards that POINT OF VIEW. If you think the emerging POINT OF VIEW is lopsided or wrong …. you need to do lot of home work and place before the team, as to how they could arrive at the RIGHT, JUST AND BEST of their POINT OF VIEWs. You may impress, educate and respect, AND NOT dictate, degrade and impoverish”. _ LbnRaj ; ; 8th Dec 2017.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Start your day with the first thing first or the best thing first .... follow your heart

Three Things you can sincerely care : "Be grateful to for that  one best thing that some one taught you and impacted upon you yesterday. Be grateful to yourself for doing that one thing you did or said yesterday to some one. Have a list of most important pending things, most important things to do today and glance through your tomorrows commitments. Now you start the day with the list and do that thing first which you think you should be doing., First thing first or the best thing first does not matter." - LbnRaj ; ; 27th Nov 2017.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

shantappa Devarai

Darshana Gopinath (School Libraries matter @ ISLA)

Ishrat Parveen (School Libraries matter @ ISLA)

Vilas Sonar (School Libraries matter @ ISLA)

Dibakar (School Libraries matter @ ISLA)

Manju Bala (School Libraries matter @ ISLA)

Baidyanath Datta (School Libraries matter @ ISLA)

When you feel down and depressed , be bit patient ..... hold on for a while ....

"When you feel low and down you tend to think that you are at the dead end, that you cannot come out of that. No, you are not at the dead end .... there is a long way ahead. Just wait for seconds, minutes or hours ..... Either you will be able to make a way or a way would be shown to you by the will of God. Just wait. Just wait. Some thing miraculous could in the offing." LbnRaj 

Monday, 20 November 2017

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

“If I can express your thoughts in simple words….. a day may come when people will read them as quotes and sayings” LbnRaj

“If I can express your thoughts in simple words….. a day may come when people will read them as quotes and sayings” LbnRaj
“I get engrossed in my thoughts often …. I start from analysing my thoughts for endless hours …. I arrive at great heights of my thinking. And at those heights and depths of my thinking I realise my thoughts to be no less compared to Basava, Gandhi, Lenin, Marx and Comte. In those moments I realise that my thoughts and theories are no less in quality and intensity. But then some where I get lost. I fail to connect, I fail to simplify, I fail to condense. Then I erroneously start believing that my thoughts may not be that great. But often my  real me tells me that I am no less. Minutes and hours and days pass by …. and I re-assert my self …. that my thoughts are indeed great …. I realise that the secret lies in telling things in as simple words as possible, the secret lies in believing myself… as I continue to do while stumbling, the secret lies in learning to be as brief as possible. It takes time to evolve my sentences into quotations and sayings. I need to be patient and I need to wait, I need to master the art and science of graduating from simple thoughts to abstract theories and from abstract theories to simple thoughts and sayings and quotes. I trust myself …. It is going to happen sooner or later. And it can happen to you as well….. do try. LbnRaj
Rajashekhar S Devarai

15th Nov 2017

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How original I am when I write and express ........ LbnRaj

How original I am when I write
Whenever I start writing I tend to think that there is nothing new to write about. I realise that whatever I am going to write is either written or expressed by some one already. Then I decided not to read any more so as to avoid duplicating what others write and say. It helped me to some extent. Later I realise that even when I don’t read …. disregard my past readings …. I again and again realise that I am unable to write some thing totally new …. totally of mine. Wow I tend to be write and wrong very often about my habit of writing and publishing. The thought of plagiarism haunts me through out.
To me now, human consciousness is only one ….. across individuals and societies. There can never be  a writing  by some one totally new and unheard of. It is just not possible. Every one thinks, every one forms a stand and every one comes to lifes understandings and learning outcomes. Very few try to express or write. They don’t write and express does not mean that they don’t have ideas, original ideas. It is immaterial whether one writes / expresses or not.
So now I realise, come what may, I will continue to write the way I feel like writing, the way my thoughts and experiences push me to write. If the same is said and expressed by some one, I will acknowledge the same thankfully. When I start writing, I now don’t push myself to verify if the same is being written or expressed by some one some times. Let me continue to be spontaneous come what may. Let me continue to be proud of myself when my thoughts are found to be similar to the great thinkers. Let me continue to be exploring … let me continue to evolve the way I do and think. I am what I am and I should continue to be what I am. Let me arrive at what I am by thinking and writing about what I am.
Lbn Rajashekhar Devarai

Monday, 13 November 2017

Read and be among-st those who thought and expressed for you. LbnRaj.

Reading provides one an exciting space to get connected with the other individual in an unique way. It assists one to relate, reflect and review ones own ideas, thoughts and feelings. Do Read and connect to the ideas, thoughts and feelings of the living and the gone by. Read and be amongst those who thought and expressed for you. LbnRaj. , Rajashekhar Devarai, 13th Nov 2017

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Life continues to be unpredictable and mysterious...

Surprises and shocks in life come as commas and full stops., unpredictable often. On a fine morning your very appearance and presence might be taken as  un auspicious  and unwanted by some on who u r neither a friend or a foe,  for no fault of yours. Take it easy. It is ok, every one in this world are on their life's unending journey. You do not  know where and how they have come to be at this juncture in their life. Dont take what is passed on to you ..... let the tide go. Do not carry , do not  accept the guild feeling passed on. At the same time do not  hate the moment and the person. Say let go. Pray for the well being of the person. May be you would have felt the same about some one else some time. Life continues to be mysterious and unpredictable. LbnRaj, ;

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Exaggerating our thoughts and actions is as exciting as understating. Human nature tends to lean either too much or too less.

Exaggerating our thoughts and actions as is as exciting as understating. Human nature tends to lean either too much or too less. In the process individuals achieve their momentary self gratification. Wise are those who remain calm and who tend to look beyond the momentary, beyond the present. These are the ones who cultivate the habit of being at the best of liveliness and happiness by being closer to what it is than how small or big it could have been. One can decide to be at his or her excellence by keeping closer to the reality, closer to what it is than tending to wish for the least or the best. lbnraj, :

Thursday, 2 November 2017


I always want to do the things the way I want and wish. Things happen the way I want but not every time. Suddenly I realise that I have been doing things that I am asked to do, the things that either my seniors or friends or well wishers decide. I start coping up, as I cannot survive without doing those things. I strive to those things to the best of my ability and competence and I do get appreciation and compliments some times. I get momentary happiness as people around get happier and delightful. But from the heart of my heart I am not so happy, I am not so delighted. This is because I was not involved from the heart of my heart. And hence I dont pat my self for these accomplishments. But why, why does things happen this way. Why I end up doing things the way they come to me? Why I fail to do the things the way I wanted?
Ya it is time to introspect, it is time to have control over myself and my gut feelings. Come what may I need to do things, but in my way, in my style.... that please me, that gratify me. For existence and survival I need to do things, but the way the things are done is upto me.