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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

“The Poetics of Library” Session and Workshop by Sara Wingate Gray at British Council, Mumbai : 10th March 2016, A Participation Report.

“The Poetics of Library” Session and Workshop by Sara Wingate Gray at British Council, Mumbai : 10th March 2016,  A Participation Report.

Other topics  that drew attention for discussion and deliberation :  Library of poems / poetry,  Library philosophy, 21st Century Libraries, Physical –Digital Bookleaflet, Status of Librarianship as a profession, School Librarianship.

Rajashekhar Devarai
Chief Librarian

Shishuvan English Medium School, Matunga, Mumbai

‘A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.’ George R. R. Martin
I.Before I start :
It was a pleasant surprise when I had a call in the morning at 8.40 am from our Principal. She asked me if I had gone through the mail regarding British Council Workshop for Librarians, forwarded by her. In fraction of a second I vaguely remembered to have glanced through her Whatsapp message at about 11.45pm (last night -  I was half asleep). Next day she  asked me if I could think of attending the Workshop. My first reaction was “yes” , I continued … ‘but it is   8.40am now and hardly have hour to reach the venue ….”. When I said Yes…. Whatever is the time … circumstance … I thought I am there for the workshop, come what may.
Thank you Mrs.Shubadra, Mrs Neha and Mrs.Bhavna for making it happy. It was worth it. I have now a bunch of school librarians to talk to and deliberate.

II.Title  : “Poetics of Library” Session  and Workshop by Sara Wingate Gray
 ‘Sara Wingate Gray is a researcher, writer and artist. She is a Teaching Fellow at University College London on the interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (BASc) degree programme and has been pursuing her doctoral thesis, focusing on the philosophy of the public library, in the Department of Information Studies (UCL). In 2006 she founded The Itinerant Poetry Library, a worldwide travelling public library of poetry, which she operated full time for three and a half years across eleven countries’(1).
Sara focussed on
·       The importance of Poetry  and the efforts that went in for creation of a library of poems.
·       Look and feel and smell of paper will continue to draw people towards books.
·       She accepts the inevitable reasons to embrace the e-media.  According to her the future belongs to both the hard and soft versions of the book.  
III.Panel Discussion :
Panellists :
·       Sara Wingate Gray
·       Shamim Padamsee : Writer, Educationist and Social Worker. Known more for her motto ‘Read India. Love India
·       Deepak Dalal : Background Chemical Engineering. Writer. Wild life enthusiast.  Author of Series of Books  for younger children.
·       Prahlad Jadav : Well known Librarian for extending information service to Librarians. He is a specialist in Information, Knowledge and Content management.

     Panel Discussion : Summary of deliberations / highlights :
1.        Our children should miss the cultural roots. They should be offered all ways and means of reading books on India and books by Indian authors. They should read books by international authors, but they should not fail to relate their experience to India, Their Land, Mountains, Trees and Fauna and Flora to where they belong.
2.       Encouragement to be extended to all Indian authors and publishers.
3.       Philosophy and Status of Librarianship : There was a healthy discussion on the
Status and Reputation of Librarianship as a profession. Mr.Deepank Dalal’s statement was touchy and encouraging, “If I were not a Writer, I would definitely have been a Librarian.” I emphasized on the fact that Librarianship is still a profession which is emerging. We should not be panic  about the same but put in efforts to know more about the process of emergence of a profession by reading literature on “Sociology of Professions”.
IV.Session by Mr.Prahlad Jadhav :
He gave a presentation on Personal Knowledge and Information management. He shared his experience with regard to extension of Information Documentation Services.
Highlights of his views :
·       Hard versions of books would continue.
·       Soft versions of books / articles would increase and people would get tuned to read them more enormously.
·       He asked librarians and other professionals to learn the art of proper filing and documentation.
·       He emphasized the point that Librarians are much more equipped than what they have been able to prove at the moment.

1.     Rajashekhar Devarai, Chief Librarian, Shishuvan English Medium School, Mumbai.
2.     Priti yadav, Librarian, Vibgyorhigh Motilal nagar – Sring Sabde Marg, Off Link Road, Goregaon (W), Mumbai – Mumbai-400105 ; ;
3.     Pravin Rane, Assistant Director, Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Ruby, 4th Floor NW, 29 Sepati Papat Marg, (Tulsi Pipe Road), Dadar(w), Mumbai – 400028, India,
4.     Indrajit Laurence Panjabi, Director.Librateur), Hotel the Grand Shamba-la, Roghi road, Kanag Saring, Kalpa, District Kinnaur, HP – 172108 ; ; 
5.     Khushboo, Librarian / Coordinator ; Surajba Vidya mandir, Jogeshwari ;
6.     Malti Thiagarajan, Librarian Cathedral and John Connon School,
7.     Pratibha H Patil, Librarian, Jasuben ML School, ;
8.     Amita ;
9.     Shirley Mirenda, Librarian, Goldcrest International, ;
10.  Conal Dias,
11.  Upendra Shukla ;
12.  Prahlad Jadav ; ;
13.  Pravin Rane ;
Conclusion :
There was an extensive interaction and interaction between the panellists and the Participating School Librarians. The panellists emphasized on the importance of libraries and librarians in the modern world. Books alone cannot make a good library. Books need speakers and there can never be a better speaker for them other than LIBRARIANS.
It was resolved to
·       Take active part in Reading Competitions and Challenges
·       Indian books and Indian authors need to be promoted  while building school library collections.
·       Librarians should continue to learn and update their professional knowledge.
·       School Librarians should continue to lead all Reading related programmes of the School where they work.
I once again take this  opportunity to thank Mrs.Shubadra and Mrs Neha for deputing me to participate in the workshop conducted by British Council Mumbai. A word of appreciation should go to British Council who keep organizing such useful and thought provoking Seminars/workshops
Contact Details :
1.     Sara Wingate Gray Poetry Library, UK,, ; @artefactors ; ; ; @librarian ; ;
www.ucl.acuk/basc ; @sarawingategray ;  
2.     Shamim Padamsee, Young India Books, A1, Padamsee Apt, 22/29 Union Park, Khar, Mumbai – 400052 ;
3.   Deepak Dalal, ;