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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Sociology need not b too external in its approach : a review of a paper authored by Samta P Pandya

Samta P Pandya of TISS has sincerely attempted in this paper to highlight the activities of AOL Foundation in the light of Sociology of Religion. The labor of collecting info is worth appreciable. She admits that she adopted the method of non-participant observation to study the organization n its activities. Does sociology by any chance restrict one to be non participative .... even if the subject warrants? Is it necessary that she continues to talk about Sudarshan Kriya, simultaneously seeming to refuse to dwell on details of d tool n technique. How can she afford to talk about Sudarshan Kriya without ever practicing it... just by being there and just by watching. Something seems to b  seriously wrong in her selection of method, tool and technique.
Rajashekhar Devarai

Paper under review : New strategies of  New Religious Movements - The case of Art of Living Foundation / Samta P Pandya.-Sociological Bulletin, 64(3) Sept - Dec 2015 pp 287-307.

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