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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

At Random : 'am I living a life worthy of living"

At times in everyone's life, the question of

'am I living a life worthy of living" crops in. If it does not, then there is something seriously wrong in the life of such a person. What is that best which can be done to make the best out of life? ... To me 'that thing' which is  I is never a replica  of any thing or any one. It (I) is simply the one and only thing that has happened ... and that too only once and for ever. Yes, the periphery of the SO CALLED I may look different. Deep down every I resembles the every other I .... and deep down every I is an energy which keeps on sourcing from the so called supreme power. i am  the best because, I am  always the best, I can always be the best. I can can never b  the less than the best. Simply because I am incomparable. There never happens to be another I which is ditto. When there is only one thing in the universe... there is no competition ... and so it is either the best or the worst.