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Friday, 29 April 2016

D invisible tells me, "dont u worry my boy".

He is on his all time high and happiness.
She  yells at him, "what have u done for me and my loved one's well being. Go to hell wid your scholarship and so called goodness".
As usual he seems to migrate to his alltime low, leading towards usual silence and there in, d so called almighty tells him, "Dont u worry my boy, u thought and did good things that u genuinely felt so, to people around u and and ofcourse to ur dear one's. If your dear ones frown at u fret at u Its Ok my boy, they continue to tune u fine and refine."
I ask the unknown, "but why, why, did I say or do any thing wrong"?
The unreasonable says, "dont u worry, there happens to be an all time tussle between the particular and d universal, u b good on any side, d other side will fret and frown, dont u worry my boy."
I ask d invisible, "why, why, ..... it is unbearable".
The invisible takes me to d unbound and tells me, "unbearable, undesirable, miserable and horrible first, good days later my boy. My boy, b d way u are if dat happens to b ur best n ultimate. Ultimately u need to continue to b d best my boy, rest leave it to me."
I ask the unbound, "why every one is bent upon proving me wrong".
The unbound tells me, " don't reason too much my boy, every thing happens for a reason, dont u worry my boy, continue to b d right and d best in whatever u do, rest u leave it to me".
-LbnRajashekhar Devarai