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Friday, 15 April 2016

just like that ....

WHILE RETURNING FROM office I resolved to read atleast a couple of pages before I go to bed. ... Ya... finished my dinner... n remembered... that I should read atleast a couple of pages before I retire to sleep.... I felt so much tired to read ... but not to blog, I dont know why n how.
When I got down at Kanjur...I could find processions marking 125 th birth anniversary of the savior of the downtrodden n helpess, Dr BR Ambedkar. Dr Ambedkar is a legend.... a living personification and testimonial of d power of Reading, knowledge and wisdom. What a tremendous personality....n what an example of courage and determination. Worthy of emulation indeed. 
For hundreds n thousands of years he will continue to b in d hearts of d helpless, downtrodden n d weaker sections. Hats off doctor!!!!!