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Monday, 9 May 2016

descending deep into me ........

A day to celebrate indeed. Like many of you I become so much engrossed in d world that is so glaringly visible, audible and sensible.... that that I stupidly seem to believe ... that that is d only life and living!! Ha ha!! I knowingly and unknowingly I forget so comfortably about d endless and boundless me d inner me, in this so called busy and techno savvy life. Such a foolish inclination indeed. The so called silence, the so called highway to me and myself happens at times, for good , at least, with a pretext that i m tensed, dont what to do, how to go about. Wow to get into me and myself, I need help from a guru or a Doctor. What else could b more shocking than this. Thank God ... perhaps in d whole of long human evolution, d golden days are here again. Go to you tube, type, meditate and know who u are, meditate and know how to understand yourself, the real you and yourself. You need not read GH Mead. Just go effortlessly with a guided meditatio, it is not late. Dont become a fool by rubishing the efforts of the souls that r trying to where ever u are.... Dont turn away,   from these souls and their message, they only try to to make u understand who u are and what u are. God bless u ... welcome to yourself.