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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Positive Vibes

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Word Power
"You are on an important project and the deadline almost approaching. Every one around and the so called dear ones tell you, .... It is just impossible, just raise your hand up and accept that there is no going further and that the project gets cancelled/terminated. In the heart of your heart, you some where feel and think, it is possible. And here came the one who tells you, .... it is possible, have faith, do your best... rest leave it to God, but dont give up .... . You trust that one person brushing aside all those "not possible gangs". And you go ahead with new enthusiasm .... and you get surprised when things really impossible started becoming possibles. That is the power of words spoken by some one when you really needed. Positive vibes are here around every time every where.... just be aware ... keep your mind open. You will be on track every time you seem to be getting out of track. Believe yourself, catch positive vibes around. Be smiling. Be happy. Enjoy the smiles around." - LbnRaj. ;

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