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Monday, 11 July 2016

Struggle of Galileo – a Book Review by Palak Bham (grade 5) of Shishuvan School

Image result for galileo‘Galileo Galilei’ authored by Malti Bansal is a book about how the scientist Galileo struggled to become a scientist. According to me the best part  of the book is when  the author describes about how Galileo started researching about planets and became successful.  I liked this part because after doing so much hard work he had become successful.  Galileo later identified /  introduced the 4 largest moons of Jupiter. This book is very inspirational and I now truly believe, ‘Try Try Till You Succeed!’ I would like to read many of the books published under the Series, ‘Meet the Glorious Scientists’ (under which this book is published) and recommend to my friends to read.

Note : Book Review authored by Palak Bham of Grade 5 - Shishuvan School, reproduced with acknowledgement from Shishuvan Blog : ( ) . Picture of Galileo added here additionally.