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Friday, 23 December 2016

Who am I?

"Who am I? Am I an eternal soul? I keep saying my soul ..... that means I have a soul which is mine, which belongs to me. If I have a soul, how can I be a soul? I am not. Am I mind? I have a mind and I keep saying it is my mind. When It is my mind how I can I be a mind. I may or may not have a mind. Still I remain to be I. Am I thoughts? How can it be when thoughts are like travellers. They come and go. They may or may not stay.I think : I am not soul, I am not mind, I am not thoughts, I am not sounds and images. Who am I then, What I am then. I am more than these. I amy not be able to realise who I am by way of my idriyas and thinking. May be I need to go beyond these things to realise who I am. I need to go beyond... I need to dive deep into the so called unkown, so called endless, may be deep down into my endless me. Now I dont want want to go in search of miracles. I am myself a miracle." - LbnRaj ;

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