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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Every one is in a shell

"Everyone is in a shell. What one is, is a result ones own stimuli and response to others actions and ideas. This cumulatively results in what one is. Surprisingly this may itself result into a shell within which an individual starts working, feeling and thinking. This shell may be a result of ones thinking and ones response to others actions and ideas over a number of days and years. It is in this background that one starts finding either good or bad from what others are. This shell may create a fobia to the individual resulting in an attitude of expectations from others. One may tend to forget ones duties and roles.... and may only start thinking and expecting what others should do ... or what others should have done till that time. If any one is  found to be in this state and the person happens to be one of  your near and dear ones, ... u need to be caring, supportive and sympathetic. The truth is ... every one is on a unique journey ... the journey may never ever tally to that of another person. Let us not pre-judge any one ... let us continue to supplement and complement journeys of every one around.... rather than realising how different and odd others joureys are. Let us continue to learn from each other and see if we can look beyond the shell inwhich we are habituated to live and think. LbnRaj ; ;