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Friday, 27 January 2017

My new found enthusiasm

"I got up early when my dear one reminded me. There seemed to be a new found enthusiasm to be in quite time to library, to find sufficient time to think about myself, set my table and to start the day with my blogpost for the day. Though I am able to post this blog, surprisingly, though I wished I would start the day with new found enthusiasm, it did not really seemed to have happened that way for things beyond my control. It is ok, when I am bent upon being the best and doing the best, why should I bother about results and consequences. The only thing I wish is that I should continue to be the best inspite of worst surroundings and worst happenings around. Yes that way I am still flowing with my NEW FOUND ENTHUSIAM. I dont seem to wish for anything more than this from life. Cheers." - LbnRaj ; ; January 27 2017