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Friday, 14 July 2017

Dont get disappointed when good and

"Dont get disappointed when good and great and charming people dont recognise you, dont care you dont get closer to you. You need not befriend or get closer to a person you dream to be with. This existence has multiple realities and multiple options. You have few people who care, share and love you; you have few who you love and dream to be with irrespective whether they love or care you. There is no need to have every thing you love, every one you dream for in this world. If every thing you dream and desire becomes yours ...... there is nothing great ... nothing worthwhile. Some people and things remain beautiful when they are at a distance. If every one loves, cares and adores every other person in the world, life would be meaningless and a big boredom. You can make the best out of what is with you. LbnRaj ;;