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Monday, 23 October 2017

Life turns out to be much more mysterious ....

Life Turns Out to be More Mysterious
Life as I engage myself in turns out to be more mysterious than I have ever imagined. As I understand, for me it is an interplay of patterns and non patterns... an interplay of known and unknown.... an interplay of known present and the unknown present. When I think I know a lot I am made to believe that I hardly know any thing.... When I think I dont know any thing ... I am made to know that I know a lot. When I thought I was too unhappy .... I found contentment in and around the same unhappy thing.... same unpleasant..... So difficult to make out the hard line between being happy and being unhappy..... being content and being discontent. Wow .... I think this is one of my great learning. Many more such realizations to come and engage me. I like it!
Disclaimer : unedited write up. linguistic and grammatical errors unchecked.