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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How original I am when I write and express ........ LbnRaj

How original I am when I write
Whenever I start writing I tend to think that there is nothing new to write about. I realise that whatever I am going to write is either written or expressed by some one already. Then I decided not to read any more so as to avoid duplicating what others write and say. It helped me to some extent. Later I realise that even when I don’t read …. disregard my past readings …. I again and again realise that I am unable to write some thing totally new …. totally of mine. Wow I tend to be write and wrong very often about my habit of writing and publishing. The thought of plagiarism haunts me through out.
To me now, human consciousness is only one ….. across individuals and societies. There can never be  a writing  by some one totally new and unheard of. It is just not possible. Every one thinks, every one forms a stand and every one comes to lifes understandings and learning outcomes. Very few try to express or write. They don’t write and express does not mean that they don’t have ideas, original ideas. It is immaterial whether one writes / expresses or not.
So now I realise, come what may, I will continue to write the way I feel like writing, the way my thoughts and experiences push me to write. If the same is said and expressed by some one, I will acknowledge the same thankfully. When I start writing, I now don’t push myself to verify if the same is being written or expressed by some one some times. Let me continue to be spontaneous come what may. Let me continue to be proud of myself when my thoughts are found to be similar to the great thinkers. Let me continue to be exploring … let me continue to evolve the way I do and think. I am what I am and I should continue to be what I am. Let me arrive at what I am by thinking and writing about what I am.
Lbn Rajashekhar Devarai