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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Life continues to be unpredictable and mysterious...

Surprises and shocks in life come as commas and full stops., unpredictable often. On a fine morning your very appearance and presence might be taken as  un auspicious  and unwanted by some on who u r neither a friend or a foe,  for no fault of yours. Take it easy. It is ok, every one in this world are on their life's unending journey. You do not  know where and how they have come to be at this juncture in their life. Dont take what is passed on to you ..... let the tide go. Do not carry , do not  accept the guild feeling passed on. At the same time do not  hate the moment and the person. Say let go. Pray for the well being of the person. May be you would have felt the same about some one else some time. Life continues to be mysterious and unpredictable. LbnRaj, ;