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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Running Out of Time .......

I run out of time ….
13th March 2018

“Very often I run out of time for things. I run out of time in meeting, out of time to complete my assignments, out of time to read, out of time to think and meditate, out of time to give quality time for my family. I realise I run out of time consistently. I kept on thinking for years that there is something wrong somewhere …. and I kept ridiculing myself for that. Oflate I started thinking as to why run of time and for what reasons …. I got my answers and continue to get answers …. I run out of time because I continue to get  engaged in some thing other than what is apparent and simple. I realised, I kept doing so many things that were and are more dearer to me than what I was actually supposed to be doing. WHAT IF I KEEP DOING THE SAME THINGS THAT ARE DEARER TO ME …. AND WORK AND ASSIGNMENT BECOMES LIVELY AND LONGED FOR!
If you run out of time….. find out for what. See if you can do or afford to do those things on a regular basis … You will never run out of time…..” LbnRaj