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Thursday, 5 April 2018

I need to accept my flaws .....

I continue to get embarrassed when some one tells me that I am a late comer, i am careless and that I am rude. I really dont understand as to why I should get annoyed and embarrassed when people tell the truth about me ... I know that people are very often true when they say things about me. Am I continuing to be with a made up self .... a self away from true self. What do I really want from life and people? ... Should they tell lies about me and please me. When do I come out of this duality about me and myself?
It is late but impossible to change myself. I should learn to accept the reality .... accept my real self .... accept the fact that I need to be perfect. That I should continue to have a perfect understand about my imperfections.
lbnraj, ; (this is my first and unedited version writing)

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