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Thursday, 7 June 2018

It is time to redefine SUCCESS.

"Success has varied meanings in varied contexts. Success has varied extents, depths and heights :
Losing but helping others,
Being strong
Helping the week and meek,
Allowing and encouraging others to be strong and bold,
Encouraging others not to lose heart, when we ourselves are losing our hearts,
Doing good things
Allowing and encouraging others to do good things,
Helping others when we can,
Helping others when we cannot,
Helping others when we ourselves are helpless,
Getting things,
Not losing things,
Moving ahead in life,
Not stopping anyone to move ahead in life,
Being Bold,
Not being timid,
Being composed,
Not getting angry,
Being at balance,
Not being imbalanced,
Not fighting,
Fighting but not getting hurt and hurting others,
It is time to redefine the world success." -LbnRaj ;

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