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Thursday, 21 June 2018

When your dearer one becomes far and wide, here and every where.

12st June 2018

When some one dearer encompasses you in all of your ins and outs.

I often fail to realise the uniqueness of my dearer ones when they are physically around. I fail to celebrate the moments and days with the being …. Intoxicated by the so called external environment. Get vexed with the far and wide. I fail to feel and realise the unlimited love and affection of the dearer one….. may be taking it for granted. May be with an idea that any way I am going to be with that being for ever.
I get into phobia …. When suddenly that being opts out to be at large…. To be with the universe. I realise about my stupidity in neglecting that wonderful being, just because that being is with me whether I want or not.
Now what a loss …… what a gap …. What a vacuum? …. Let me learn to feel the presence, feel the beauty of my dearer ones …. Every moment I lost is lost for ever. I can never get back to those moments which could have been ultimate ecstasies …. Ultimate celebrations. Now I opt to celebrate those wonderful moments …. For ever ….. far and wide. Continue to feel the presence. Continue to accept the beauty of my dearer ones …. As they are and not as they should be. I realise more now as my dearer ones become far and wide, here and every where. Dearer to universal expanse….dearer to the ultimate depths and heights.
LbnRaj ;

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