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Monday, 14 January 2019

We cannot search for some thing we dont know ....!!

14th Jan 2019
We cannot search for some thing we dont know ....!!! This is the ultimate truth. When I forget every thing human .... I am with the ultimate. When I feel I am lost ... I am actually not lost but the wider me... the ultimate me ..... or the ultimate itself.
Nothing can be , is unknown to me .... When I look at things from my human and limited me .... some things look impossible. From the angle of the ultimate me the grand me .... and when I look and act from my ultimate me .... there is nothing known as IMPOSSIBLE. Impossible is a word invented by the "HERE AND NOW" me not the ultimate me.
When the child tastes a bitter thing for the first time .... it does not like it. It knows well in advance about the bitterness of that thing. So we know the meanings and extents of the things we seem to think we dont know.
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