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Thursday, 11 April 2019

I can always find my passion and my way in whatever I am asked to do......

11th April 2019

What should I be doing now .....
I should continue to do the best in whatever I do. What should I do to be the best in that? I often seem not be qualified to do that is close to my heart, no way further. Should I give up as I am not allowed or not comfortable in doing the thing that is very close to my heart?
I have realised that, I have all the choice to pick up the best from What I am given by the almighty. I f I am not doing what is close to my heart, I can always do the best in whatever comes to me. I have realised that I can always do the things in my most intimate ways. I have given up the idea of doing the best things and the things that are close to my heart. I have oflate decided to find the best I like in whatever I do. Now I am what stand for... though at the outset I may have been doing things that were of not my choice. I have learnt to be what I am in whatever I do.... whether I picked up those things to do or simply I was asked to do those things.
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