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Saturday, 16 April 2016

People tell me I am not happy .....

"People tell me that I dont have this this this .... and so I am unhappy according to them. They get shocked and disheartened  at my confidence and my smiles. They just cant digest the fact that I continue to be happy despite not having some things (house, vehicle ... and some more things .... I dont know) in life. They desperately try to  convince  me that I am not happy and I cant afford to be happy.
Every small thing that is with me and happens with me is a source of joy and happiness to me.  If having a cup of tea with a couple of biscuits make me extremely happy .... and if some around get offended or surprised .... what should I do.
People think  and try day in and out for being happy. Some continue to  have the so called comforts of life like a bungalow, a car .... bank balance ... but unfortunately live with utter unhappiness and tension. Such people get so much depressed by seeing people around  so happy and smiling without having any thing worthy of mention. At times they get so upset to realise that  happiness is not in the things one holds/owns but  in the beholder.
The so called well off, the so called rich, the so called high class keep wondering at people who continue to be happy and contented on small happenings, accomplishments, events and small things.
They can never digest the fact that being happy is so simple, that it only requires will and simplicity and nothing else." - Rajashekhar Devarai
Note : in second picture, my father Deshansha Hudagi (writer)