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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Failing and getting depressed ......?

"Failing and Getting depressed? .... When I fail continuously and regularly .... I get isolated, I feel low. People around who keep succeeding seem to be too busy to talk to a failure like me. I get more and more and low. I feel bad and start accusing myself. I unknowingly start degrading and belittling myself. Of late I realised, if the so called successful people are so busy and careless.... I go to a person who happened to have more failures than what I have undergone myself. This I do this against the popular belief, "to be excellent, be in the company of excellent". Believe me all who failed or continue failing are not useless, illogical and unfair. They are not meant to be failures, but they fail. My stumbling upon those who fail .... did not push me towards failure ..... but towards success. A greater success than otherwise. I have decided, If I need to do something in an extra-ordinary fashion ... I talk to those who failed. This makes me more confident, this makes me spring up unusually and boundless. This is the power of failures and the people who fail". -LbnRaj ; Feb 18, 2017 ;

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