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Monday, 13 February 2017


"We all know, Buddha had his Gnyanodaya on a particular day and moment. We dont know, Buddha would have had his enlightenments several times during his life time. The Same could be true in our lives. Gnyanodaya / Enlightenment happens to all of us several times in life, only thing we dont stopby .... we dont catch hold of the moment and the thoughts there in. As we all know, the highest highs and lowest lows are the circumstances when Gnyanodaya happens in ones life. This is what could happen without our asking. The way is equally true and possible. Every day we can enter into the state of Bliss to invoke Gnyanodaya in our lives as often as we want. It is up to us. One of the easiest ways is to get into deep silence or the so called Meditation. We need to be at best of ourselves to invoke Gnyanodaya. Every one one of us is  the best, as every one is unique and non-identical. Getting stumbled upon Gnyanodaya is not great, catching the moment and living by it to an intense level makes it great. Most likely the so called great poeple practice this knowlingly or unknowlingly. These  great people are as ordinary as we are, but continue to be bent upon catching and internalising these blissful moments." -LbnRaj ; ; 13th Feb 2017